Ladderless Window Cleaning

How it works is very simple.

All water from any mains supply is filled with impurities, which can be caused from chemicals, linings from water pipes and other out side influences.

These impurities are known as TDS/Total Dissolved Solids which are measured using a process know as PPM/Parts Per Million. The South West is well known for being a hard water area and so the typical TDS from any water supply in this part of the country will probably be around 300PPM.

How it works is that a number of filtration systems take away all of these impurities so you are left with 100% pure water.

What’s so great about that, you may ask?

The cause of smears and marks after cleaning them is impure water, both in the water and on the glass and in the frames. If 100% pure water is used, when dry, it will leave your windows looking perfectly clean and bright.


Cleaning out your guttering is also a job we do, to make your life just that little more easier.

Its surprising what builds up in your guttering. Over time, this can cause real problems, not only for your guttering but also for your walls. If you have a damp issue, then this may be the reason!

Conservatory Roofs

Another job which isn’t enjoyed by many is the cleaning of conservatory roofs.

By using our 100% pure water system, there is no risk of breaking any glass or any seals. And is easily done as access isn’t restricted by any means.

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Jet Cleaning

We can clean anything from patios and decking, through to masonry, walls, and driveways.

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